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13 September 2007 @ 14:27
gupie meme  

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25070 zł

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mood:: coldcold
listening to:: The Beatles: Strawberry Fields
m.verrem_verre on 15th September 2007 20:42 (UTC)

Wartość moich zwłok to:

36869 zł

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And mine are more expensive one! xD [isn't miverre a great friend?]
Oprah Carwyn: [ga] izzie criesoprahcarwyn on 15th September 2007 20:44 (UTC)
oh, oh, i'm gonna come at night, kill you and get all that money for myself **

you're one hell of a friend xDD
m.verrem_verre on 15th September 2007 20:55 (UTC)
damn xD and i see you're so as I xD
Oprah Carwyn: [stock] sleeves of her jacketoprahcarwyn on 15th September 2007 20:56 (UTC)
scared? xD
m.verrem_verre on 15th September 2007 21:03 (UTC)
like never! that's so nice to know that u've got sb you can count on xD
Oprah Carwyn: [lost] sawyeroprahcarwyn on 15th September 2007 21:04 (UTC)
someone who's ready to kil you whenever you need it, yep?

omg, that reminded me of freddie.
m.verrem_verre on 15th September 2007 21:13 (UTC)
yeah, freddy's so fuckin-great friend that he'll kill himself to show it xD it's so romantic xDDDDD
Oprah Carwyn: [movie] charlotte on her bedoprahcarwyn on 15th September 2007 21:14 (UTC)
that's just sweet **
m.verrem_verre on 15th September 2007 21:20 (UTC)
i always thought freddie is a wise not-making-stupid things young man with a great way of looking at a world, ant i was right. don't you think so? xD
Oprah Carwyn: [potter] proud to be a ravenclawoprahcarwyn on 15th September 2007 21:22 (UTC)
no way for you to be more right, honey. freddie is so, you know... unaverage...
m.verre: billym_verre on 15th September 2007 21:25 (UTC)
i feel a bit stressed when i talk with him, you know, its hard to keep up with his intelect
Oprah Carwyn: [movie] headphones onoprahcarwyn on 15th September 2007 21:28 (UTC)
yeah, and those moments, when you tell a joke, and you don't need to end it, 'cause he already got the sense of it...
m.verre: lifem_verre on 15th September 2007 21:40 (UTC)
and this high selfmark, it's so sexy!
Oprah Carwyn: [spn] otpoprahcarwyn on 15th September 2007 21:41 (UTC)
well. he is sexy himself.


m.verre: romanticm_verre on 15th September 2007 21:59 (UTC)
shhhhhhhh...don't sy a word. he's mine! xD